Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Poem: Paid In Full

Looking inside for the truth
I feel so much history around me,
current events and the pasts that affect them,
people with questions to problems like "Why me? Why now?",
I thought to say "Better than never.",
because could be a never,
with that said never wish for it, good or bad,
so at the end of the day really you can only be thankful,
appreciative or not, Time will stay faithful,
and pay you in full,
circles of emotions, cycles of life,
seasons of change, constantly in motion
such promise in movement, yet we'll idle in strife's chains,
or any similar form of infatuation,
that we fall in love with and further enhance our own inner complications,

Embracing the pain that we hate by default,
and your days stay full of gloom and gray,
life seems like a stack of needles,
and you're just looking for hay,
torn between purpose and the present,
and will the will that you walk overlap,
so worried of wrong steps traveled,
while trying to get out of the dark,
all the while the devil seems to quicken his stalk,
when really, you slowed down too busy looking at him,
than looking ahead,
when that was guaranteed to give you the win,
so luring to focus on distraction,
that's why it's a distraction, should it prevail
the original end goal is lost, slighted,
but this is just the hindsight talking,
when I learned it was midnight,
the gospel said not to wait that long
and like that psalm, He gets the glory
Lord forgive me in your rites I know I've wronged

Even with a mind sometimes focused on Him,
You sometimes feel all alone,
like you're 'cuffed in a tomb,
as if taken from the world quite sudden and too soon,
will i live to eat that cake with the bride and the groom?
only way to know is to stay tuned,
you can't give up,
determination's the key,
and in the darkest of times,
know the Lord is closest then,
so relax and take a deep breath,
because blessings come in many channels,
so much so that even a death in the life,
can save a life from the death,
the beauty in knowing that every struggle is food for the grow,
so it's a benefit to reap what you sow,
and if your field needs work like pruning, watering, or removal of weeds,
don't forget after the work is done you can plant new seeds,
your world is never closed in, work your world,
the heirs of the earth are meek,
in other words, people that have been broken and made whole again,
remember all that strife and all that pain?
those tribulations weren't in vain,
The Lord is faithful, and will pay you in full.


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