Monday, August 31, 2009

Poem: Larceny (STC)

That whole time sittin, thinkin wars of attrition,
i know how little things can have affect on the mission,
politic'n sucks but know it has a place for your winning,
listen, forced attention get the Riddlin for riddling,
Perco-poppin set trippin the living I'm envisionin
Benjamin's, not for the wastin but for the chasing,
your interest, your shoe-in goals I want to help the lacing,
I got a peek at possible disappointment I'm facing,
cuz I thought it'd never be ignored, effort I was placing,
you had to see all my moves were for your benefit,
but i was disregarded, it made me sick in it,
so should it come to business I'll be forced to be indifferent,
as far as friendship nah there's no de-enlistment,
just had to express this pain I'm left with,
I don't have many petpeeves in mind,
but you struck a nerve of mine,
I hate most when one wastes my time,
mostly unapologetic, insult to injury,
tried to show heart caught a stamp marked "fool to me",
effort again thwarted locked in irony's scrutiny,
but up to me, punishment's gluttony,
the issue being bigger than this instancy,
but reminds rewind-memories of energy,
lost in infancy, to yield into the work it's susposed to be,
but didn't, latency, never transmitted in it's usary,
time stolen, larceny, should be a felony.


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