Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mindspill: Reality vs Idealism (1)

So, I've been noticing the change of family sitcoms over time ... and it really breaks down to >idealism vs realism< to me...seems with the change of things such as the emphasis on "reality" (tv shows especially) things have taken a bitter look at life turning away from what the ideal characteristics of what things should or would be nice to be, to just accepting the current situation and not strive to improve it in a holistic means, such as teamwork or as a family.

Didnt you ever wonder where the Family Matters type shows went? It's like our culture as a whole gave up on ideals because it took too much work to uphold, or maybe reality weighed down the hope on being better as a whole due to so many examples of the opposite, and not only that, the negative aspects were profitable, honored even. So people followed suit to potentially "live better" or just couldn't conceive of if the ideal lost complete touch with what was going on.

What I think is the issue is that people thought they themselves weren't responsible for upholding the ideal and it was just dropped like a good habit. Then, the "ideal" became less marketable. People didn't strive to be a Family Matters fam cuz they couldn't relate immediately due to focus on materialistic aspects of the presented ideal's disposition (our culture has a short enough attention span as it is). They have a house, living in a decent neighborhood, and so on. People forgot or became distracted to strive for this, but interpret wrong like if they aren't living like this now, then this show's not for you.

I hope at some point we can remember the good in the ideal, it helped to shape morals and make better decisions. All people have now is "For the Love of " and whatever other "reality" shows. Even the family sitcoms, like House of Paine, have a sense of jadedness even when thought to uphold the "ideal" by stacking a religious preset or 'victim of circumstance' excuse on top of it. Why can't people just be portrayed as upholding good (ideal) qualities without attributing their good will to personal beliefs like religion (for the record I consider myself a Christian and giving God the glory, but if people aren't raised to believe in themselves to be able to give a positive impact even on a small level then what can they do?).

Personally, I'm ready for the next Cosby show, and the viewed Obama family dynamic is assisting in that. So I think we're going in a better direction. But we have a long way to go and a lot of responsibility to ourselves and future to resume. ..Ok, I think I'm done for now. I have a feeling I will be directed to this idea again. Thanks for reading.


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