Friday, August 21, 2009

Mindspill: Thoughts (from 2007)

This started as a poem, but there was so much on my mind I just was like "I'll just say it". So it's a mix of poem and inner thoughts.

God, what do you want of me?
so many opportunities to no longer be
yet still I breathe
confusion, hate, and bitterness surrounds me
but cannot touch me
as if He placed me at a high point
presented as an unattainable trophy to my enemies,
and cause them to turn their dagger on themselves,

so much perspective lost, so much on my mind
so much knowledge stolen,
and so much craft claimed by pseudo-innovators,
false in creation but true in presentation,

Did you know?(thanks J.R.)
there were pyramids made thousands of years ago in Africa,
created in perfect ratio to the constellation it's modelled
after, closest man-made construct facing true north (likely only
slightly-off now b/c of plate-tectonic shift since then),
but to this day man cannot reconstruct them with the same materials,

where did this knowledge of math and measurement go?
Lost on the ride between "Egypt" and Greece when Alexander the Thief raided Kemet's libraries? But ..Greece is the foundation of the sciences and such?

Anyone think about these things? Or moved to seek knowledge?'s like Kweli said
"it's 2007 and you still selling crack"

Yeah I was talking with some friends in my neighborhood...they spoke of the kid that got stomped out by a bunch of dudes, who's now blind, right beside my house. And the dude that got shot a few courts up the main drive...But this place isn't even that bad...just has its moments

But they wanna bring the gangs back now? Too young and they don't know nothing about gangs for real..could take them places where they wouldn't stand a chance.

What has their minds so trapped? There's so much more than Laurel Springs, Henrico County, Richmond, VA, even the U.S. The world is so much to learn and do

I bewilders my mind to think that we stem from such an intelligent line of people in the past, and the vast difference of it between then and now what happened to all that knowledge? ..May want to open your Bibles and find out..

Things have their own ways of coming full circle.
Then: Cain killed Able with a stone.
Now: 'cain' is killing the able people as rock (crack).

Even in all of this God and his people will come out victorious,
Jesus really only commands one thing, because everything else he spoke of stems from it. "Love one another as you would love yourself"

Charity (as expressed in the Bible), Love, God = the same thing

Replace the word "Love" with "God" in Musiq's song "Love". And the song doesn't change meaning. Rev. Mike told me that a while back.

Charity suffereth long, and is kind; charity envieth not; charity vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up, (patient, kind, unselfish nor easily provoked, or boastful) (I still remember that talk Stacey)

So much on my mind...but God is good. Just be honest with him....I mean he knows the truth anyway, so be straight up with Him and specific, whether you're doing right or wrong.

Identify the good in life, be thankful, identify the bad in life, be thankful.

Ask God anything, he'll give you one of three answers: "Yes, No, or Wait" (Thanks Dad)

He loves us so much...he gave us something he didn't even give the angels: A choice to serve and love Him(now don't twist that the wrong way) and it's of the most challenging thing in the world for us to do.

Love, don't stop.
It's our closest means of connecting with Him.
The closest expression of this is a parent to child, then between spouses.

You never know where Love will show itself, so keep your heart open
Anything is possible in Him.
I just pray I fulfill His purpose for my life.
I'm loved beyond my wildest thoughts,
by people I know love me and those I don't know,
That's Crazy
And you are loved the same, so
I'll love beyond my wildest dreams,
so one day those dreams touch reality
and make life anew

God what do you want with me?
Make a positive impact on the lives of the people you meet.
Live and Love

Yeah ..a lot...that was the most of it.

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