Friday, August 21, 2009

Poem: Ascension

Where I sit, time looks over my left shoulder,
Embroider, "A-s-c-e-n-d-e-d Soldier",
Perseverance through interference, hate and the pain,
Don't mind outside I have a new appreciation for rain,
In keeping my sane, prayer to ward my spiritual's bane,
Awarded in life with every breath I take in this plane,
In my heart they all rest, the friends and family slain,
In the struggle through all this we claim,
The world has changed and nothing left is sacred,
All you have is yourself, everything else is tainted,
A new mind state is painted, business and war, all alike,
Get them before they get you, the preemptive counterstrike,
Take all you can, because there isn't much left,
Be it "time" or "mine", delayed grat's been put on the shelf,
Chilvary is dying, by the hands of those it was designed for,
Children are crying, from medication and neglect,
Prices are climbing, man's worth is the same as a digging tool, so
Workers are mining, to unearth their diamond to retire,
So they'll tire again, fire pressure to mold that coal,
Whether it's bloody and splotched, conflicted or not,
We reached the next phase, but it's a cycle,
Darwinism lives, even in the Information Age,
How ironic yet so common that we "elevate" our Psyche,
Yet reduce ourselves so scarcely,
Cupids loving our princess, Intelligence,
Won't comprise for the Soul, 'cause it won't make the Reader's Digest,
Winter has a place in the seasons for a reason,
We're not meant to constantly have and gain,
"Just because you can get it?" nah, learn to refrain,
Surplus is convenient, but now the sources are strained,
I'm not saying "don't prosper", nah earn/receiving is good,
Put with no giving then there's no moderation attained,
No need to complain, there's far more wealth contained in your spirit,
So be sure to take more time to replenish and work on any blemish,
When you do you're pursuing Him, worth the while once you're finished,
But the simplicity is diminished, temptation runs wild,
With attention spans as stretched as the clouds,
All the while we work to make the family proud,
We yell out loud, LORD HELP ME, yet so stealthy,
Too cute to need Him in public, that's mad unhealthy,
We have to humble ourselves, only then the truth we'll find,
Our appeal and skills stem not from man but a different kind,
Spiritual gifts and blessings, God made me lyrically inclined,
Truly I don't fully understand it, what he completely designed,
'He' sends in signs, elusive, left fielded, and come from behind,
Perhaps it's divine intervention interrupting my mind,
In all that I'm saying this ain't me, it's His glory,
He blessed and adorned me with a vast testimony,
People are cutthroat when you expose your heart,
Prosthetics beat in they chest, ignoring your art,
If you're slow in the start, press on, you'll get the momentum,
Obstacles, don't fear 'em, ascend them, you'll strengthen,
Commend Him, when feelin, the symptoms, of "victim",
Uplifting, contending, the being, of Legion,
Defending, the clearing, you're winning, envision,
The soul now fit and the mind amending,
Why fear it? the end's coming since the beginning,
So from the heart never forget who awaits us above,
That's why Truth is apparent in real Love, wait,
That's why Truth is apparent in real Love, hear me!

Family, how are you feeling?
I just hope this attempt at free-dumb is heard,
People are stuck in the rut of their own mind states,
And suffocating themselves, going brain dead, checkmate,
If you're in school, remember why you're there,
Accept that you're going to change, but you don't have to lose yourself,
Try not to get so caught up in everything around you all the time,
I know society isn't meant for us to live right,
But to the good in your own soul you have to hold tight,
When "living in the moment" you tend to close your eyes, no sight focus,
Don't forget you were given mind and vision for a reason,
Control where you move and let God show you the path,
Herd yourself, and those that don't have the sight you hold,
Thwart lies, seek truth, at least sometimes, do what you can,
We're all human, sounds good to preach, but it's harder to reach,
But don't let that keep you from trying,
People are working hard, and taking steps in their lives to move forward,
Respect it, and do the same if you aren't one of them,
You won't have the time to hate on others if you're working on yourself,
A journey we all are on, and I love all of ya'll,
Keep pushing on until God sends his call.


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