Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mindspill vs Poem??

I'm sure anyone that has seen my posts they follow certain identification methods, often enough consisting of "Mindspill" or a "Poem". Even with this, I'm sure you may have noticed some Mindspills which could qualify as poems. Here's the main difference:

A poem of mine was made to be one from it's inception. I had a poem in mind when I started writing. A mindspill is self explanatory but sometimes during the thought I want to present I begin adding the attributes of a poem to it, but it's more about the idea than the presentation. So a mindspill may or may not rhyme but will illustrate a central theme. My poems often span a number of ideas or situations that I'm presenting at once, as a poem.

Hope that helped clear things up even a little bit.

Thanks for viewing!


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