Monday, August 24, 2009

Mindspill: Restricted Reason

Such a strange place to be in,
between, in between, can't intervene
I am the inner means to an end and I can't act the scene,
silence is golden because there is no constructive meme,
it's sad because I'm the bad good guy, Dark Knight'n it,
fightin it, but know it's for everyone's best interest,
to grow and let go, or overdose the torment I self-invest,
endless apology released to the air, unfair,
and life is still a beach chair, ...heh chea,
but be clear, I take darts from all sides,
I'll bleed for it, fine,
more concerned for one's comfort than their pride,
yet again, I'm stuck with what's inside,
communing my divide, from issues I'd continue to let slide,
always express yourself, your gifts' divine, and necessary for your health,
and I've compromised mine, for many, for me,
yes that's a problem, but I'm not the only,
no man's an island but mentally by my lonely, preferably
so what does that make me..
..selfish, so I'm bound to my hardened shell like a crawfish
but just to seal the bleeding, I'll let them others judge,
I tempered the shell for the gavel, during the blows I'll mind travel,
to a place where each ill would unravel, all better again,
love endured, where all reach their goals moved forwardly,
and hope they see why I took punishment's gluttony..


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