Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mindspill: Mind-World Shrinking

Everything around us playing field leveler, distance matters less over time,
lines of communication open, covering much more ground,
you can reach anyone, damn near anytime can be found,
tracked by the sky, dependent on the virtual eyes,
less effort in living, as if that makes things easier,
so from the carrier pigeon to the text message,
instant gratification, no seen cost to leverage,
but conversation has flattened to basics,
subpar memes in constricted means,
undermining our intelligent themes,
how to live without the innovation,
by innovating new emancipation,
freedom from the condensing,
resist the lost's convincing,
morse code remorse,
only more 'shorts',
we need recourse,
or end recluse,
save our soul,
free our 'us',
Don't let the world reduce your ability to express openly and intelligently.


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