Monday, October 19, 2009

Mindspill: Prelude to Memories

*pure spill, after this I started recording my memories from as far back as I could, those memories aren't in this post because it's very ..very long, and only up to age 7. Not near as old as the others, maybe a year or so ago*

vibin out to JS III,
stuck between my mind and my heart,
between being responsible to potential and being true to my feelings,
if i follow my heart, great happiness will come, but I know there's a pain to come..
that would perhaps challenge the worth of making that decision in the first place
if i am responsible, no real pain comes from it, not nearly as much joy,
but i will always wonder, but for the same reason that i may never see them again
and that hurts.

"sometimes people are put in your life for a season"
that doesn't necessarily mean that they weren't worth their time there in the first place
even good experiences can be there for a season, perhaps to remind you there's still good in the world,
or let you know that better is out there, and possible to attain

I say "thank you Lord" everytime I see 333.


(Doubt I'll post the memories anytime soon but I'll prolly put them together then put it out)

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