Monday, October 19, 2009

Mindspill: The Let Go

*An incomplete mindspill from years ago. I think this was during a breakup I had. I recovered some old joints off my old laptop that's been out of commission for like a year lol*

Moving on versus letting go,
seems there's a difference,
one can leave you slow and with your infactuation,
the other simply allows you to be able to move faster,
now which does what? i can give you a clue,
it only seems there's a difference, the two said can do both,
your infactuation can hold you back or slow you down,
and you can get nowhere fast,
but when the right balance of the two is made,
progress starts again at last

The point is growth,
dwelling in the past,
whether pleasant or not,
you're missing out on the present,
and in case you forgot
your present is where you are,
but you'll wonder how you got there if you dwelled too hard

growth isn't negative or positive,
its meaning in itself at least,
it is a part of life, but very impressionable upon one's effort,
you have a great deal of impact on how you grow,
and your surroundings impact it to a lesser extent,
always .....growing,

It spawns from the most fruitful to the most barren of places, and these "places" can be anything


(May expand on these at some point.. may not, just posting)

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