Saturday, January 16, 2010

Verse: Cut You Loose

Never really finished it.. a little verse, something I was working with @Hurrikane_IKE on a while back.

The times I used to spend with you, were the realest boo,
I'd think bout what we used to do,
so many memories of good in you, slowly misconstrue,
the moment I start takin hits for you,
I'd try to prove the things that he couldn't do,
vile and crude the things that I went through for moot,
tried to shoot, but i didn't have the banger bandana
or the arm and hammer for her BK roots,
she cuts up should I follow suit,
nah, it aint worth the time,
she gettin hers but I ain't gettin mine,
darlin fine, just remember this what you designed,
turn around wantin me to play hero for ya sick
ass ego but I ignore your score's a big fat zero,
so sad when friendships abused, i'm not amused
don't get confused, thats why I had to cut you loose.


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