Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Inspired Mints

Long time, no post. This is a more personal memory and I don't often do those but..I found it worth noting.

It's so funny how I'm lowkey addicted to Ande's Mints.. when I was a kid we were super broke, eating at Picadilly's was the equivalent of eating at the most glamourous restaurants to me. Maybe I was just appreciative. Either way, you could get Ande's Dinner Mints at the end of the meal. I retain only two memories from Picadilly's: their awesome brocolli cheese casserole, and those mints. I may have been in that restaurant only 3 times ever in my life, and those times were during my youth.

Mind you I find this rather childish, but just about every other time (I've curbed this to twice a year now) if I saw a pack at the store I'd pick it up. I'd almost relive the memories, but only the ones I remembered of course. It was something I'd pick up in the best and worst of times. It would give me perspective to the lenses my child-self saw things through, and my realization of how economically challenged we were, but the elation I'd feel biting into it was something of luxury.

It imprinted on me the feeling of being on top of the world, reaching a pinnacle of happiness, rendering any sign of dirt or disregard clean. I've tested against its measure to my enjoyment of my everyday work.. are these sensations the same? If so, I've achieved success, if not, a reminder to not stop working toward my happiness. I consider it a great blessing, not many people get the opportunity to know for certain what a pinnacle feeling experience is and being able to steer your doings to that feeling. Soon to be 28 years old now, I can say this has been fruitful. The mints aren't even that great of quality now in comparison of the food experiences I've had at this point. Even still, the feeling is the same. Nom.


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