Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Crazy Dream

Soooo apparently I left my TV on overnight and in the morning there was an episode of Avatar (the one where he learns about controlling chakras) and it mixed in with whatever my dream was about.

So, while in the back of mind I was learning to control chakras (lol), I was part of this group of missionaries that carried out infiltrations of some oppressor/aggressor group. Part of the process of completing our missions dealt with navigating their bunker system, and that blueprint was mostly the same for each one. My purpose was strange but simple, infiltrate down to a certain level of the bunker, then be incapacitated (killed) by my partner. For whatever reason I had the ability to survive normally life ending wounds (I guess I learned to control the life chakra, and keep in mind I know how ridiculous this is lol) and that what she (partner was female) would do to "kill" me is slit my throat with a large blade. I think she acted as a bunker soldier and would convince the defenders that the threat was eliminated, whereas later we would escape with our mission complete and I would revive later.

In the last mission (before waking up) my partner and I got to the same place in which she would turn the blade on me, but for some reason she couldn't do it this time. It was like she couldn't stand killing me, she'd even swing but miss, or just stop short of my throat. Since she couldn't do it, she just went forward in the planned route of the mission, something went awry.. a soldier was in a position we were not briefed or prepared for them to be and she was shot down.. and somehow in that crossfire I got shot in the hand, ..and woke up.

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